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The Oxford (or serial) comma is the final comma in a list of things. For example: Please bring me a pencil, eraser, and notebook. Use of the Oxford comma is stylistic, meaning that some style guides demand its use while others don't In the above examples the Oxford comma is needed for clarity, but in sentences where there is no ambiguity it can be left out, eg: I love cats, dogs and mice. 2 Usage of the Oxford comma varies depending on what you're writing; for example, the Associated Press does not require it but does not ban it. But The Chicago Manual of Style requires it The Oxford comma is used to separate words and word groups in a simple series of three or more items. My estate goes to my husband, son, daughter-in-law, and nephew. Why the Oxford comma is important. The use of the Oxford comma is rather controversial. In some cases, it helps avoid ambiguity and double meaning. Compare the two examples below Oxford Comma Examples. Without it, however, meanings of sentences can change completely. For example: Amanda found herself in the Winnebago with her ex-boyfriend, an herbalist and a pet detective. Amanda found herself in the Winnebago with her ex-boyfriend, an herbalist, and a pet detective

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I can tell you why I'm an ardent user of the Oxford comma in almost all instances. I used to be a speed reader. Back in the 1980s and into the 1990s, it was extremely rare for me to ever find any literature where the Oxford comma was not normally. For example: Without Oxford comma: Her favourite foods were chocolate, marshmallows, cake and chicken. With Oxford comma: Her favourite foods were chocolate, marshmallows, cake, and chicken. The Oxford comma is also used in exactly the same way in lists in which the conjunction is the word or or nor

What is the Oxford Comma (or Serial Comma)? Grammarl

  1. Those are examples of the Oxford comma. This controversial character will always come immediately after the second-to-last item in a list, before the final and or or. A sentence written without an Oxford comma simply omits the character in that last location: She always wanted to visit Germany, France, Spain and Portugal. When to Use the.
  2. Oxford Comma (The Quick Answer) An Oxford Comma is a comma used before the last list item in a list of three or more items. When there are three or more list items, then those following US convention should use a comma (often called an Oxford Comma) with the conjunction (usually and or or)
  3. I am a staunch believer in the serial comma (i.e., the Oxford comma). This image, courtesy of The Gloss, illustrates why: Related Posts. The Rhinoceri, Washington, and Lincoln Illustrate Why You Should Use the Serial Comma; On a personal note, I'd like to dedicate this blog post to my parents, Ayn Rand and God
  4. The Oxford Comma Is Extremely Important And Everyone Should Be Using It. I don't care if it's technically not required. USE THE COMMA. by Adam Davis. BuzzFeed Staff SO if you.

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  1. Oxford comma (also known as the serial comma or Harvard comma) is the name given to the optional final comma in a series. In the phrase ham, egg, and chips it's the comma between egg and and. Entirely optional - correct punctuation neither demands nor requires it. And like everything that is optional, it has its adherents and its detractors, and, of course, there is also the vast.
  2. An Oxford comma example. Let's review how the Oxford comma works. Here's an example of a sentence with the Oxford comma: I admire my parents, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa. It's clear in this example that I admire my parents, as well as Gandhi and Mother Teresa. But remove that serial comma, and the sentence reads, I admire my.
  3. The Oxford comma is an optional comma before the word 'and' at the end of a list: We sell books, videos, and magazines. It's known as the Oxford comma because it was traditionally used by printers, readers, and editors at Oxford University Press

The Oxford comma (also known as a So, for example, in the sentence, Dogs are furry, cute, and friendly, the Oxford comma comes before the word and Oxford Comma Example. There is usually this debate about using or not using comma after the penultimate item in a list. This final comma, which we refer to as the Oxford or serial comma, is useful in a complex series of elements or phrases but some consider it unnecessary in a simple series such as in the examples above I could believe that he's a demigod, but the Oxford Comma is all that separates this revolutionary icon from perversion. 5. Let's not even talk about what happened at his tribute. In their defense, it is legal now. 6. Without the Oxford Comma, dinner parties can get pretty weird. Or fun, depending on how you look at it. 7. As can breakfast 8 people chose this as the best definition of oxford-comma: The definition of a Oxfor... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples When making a list, commas are the most common way to separate one list item from the next. The final two items in the list are usually separated by and or or, which should be preceeded by a comma. Amongst editors this final comma in a list is known as the Oxford Comma. A series of independent clauses (sentences

What Is the Oxford Comma and When Do I Use It? Reader's

  1. The Oxford Comma: Small Punctuation, Big Fuss. Despite its small size, the Oxford comma may be grammar's biggest ongoing debate. This controversial punctuation mark, which separates the penultimate item in a written list from the conjunction, has left many grammarians disagreeing over its use.. You may not be aware of it but the Oxford comma is so important that it became the crux of many.
  2. Serial Comma (Oxford Comma) As mentioned above, when you are listing three or more items, commas should separate each element of the list. However, the final comma—the one that comes before the and—is optional. This comma is called the serial comma or the Oxford comma
  3. Furthermore, the example shows how using the Oxford comma encourages lazy writing. Relying on the Oxford comma for list-making may be clarifying, but it often interferes with good composition
  4. The pro-Oxford comma faction is more vocal and numerous in the U.S., while in the UK, anti-Oxford comma reigns. The two main rationales for choosing one style over the other are clarity and economy

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There are several reasons why AP does not use the Oxford comma, but it's mostly not used as a way to use space efficiently within their paragraphs. So now that we know when we are supposed to use it, let's look at some examples to show us how it's done. Here are some sentences that could be clarified using the Oxford comma: Example

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